Making Harry Potter Floating Candles

 I decided to take on a new adventure and start a YouTube channel! I made Halloween decorations this year and I am SO excited and so proud of myself. This is my video of how to make harry potter floating candles. They make a great Halloween decoration and a great Christmas decoration as well! You will need: Tape Wire, String, or Fishing line, (I used clear beading string) Toilet paper rolls or old Paper Towel rolls that have been cut in half(the shorter the better). Tea lights(I got mine at Walmart) Scissors White paint(I used a cream color or acrylic paint) A hot glue gun (and the glue sticks for it) Paint brush Container for paint water to  wash paintbrush with afterwards First, get all of your Paper Towel rolls and paint each one of them inside and out. You'll be seeing the inside when you look up. Second, once the paint is completely dry glue or tape your tea lights to the inside of your paper towel holders Third, Cut the string, wire, fishing line etc. (Make it longer if you w